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HOSTS (Help One Student To Succeed) is a nationally recognized structured mentoring program using volunteers as mentors. The goal of HOSTS is to assist students who need additional help to be successful. HOSTS gets results in schools nationwide. There are currently 87 students participating in our mentoring program. We have many mentors from local businesses, parents, grandparents, community members, school staff & students, and Bluffton College students as volunteers. For more information or to become a mentor, call: Judy Dukes at (419) 943-2165 ext. 4067.

Q & A

What is the HOSTS Program?

HOSTS (Help One Student To Succeed) is a nationally recognized academic structured mentoring program that pairs a student who needs help in reading or math with a volunteer who wants to make a difference in a student's life.

Who can volunteer?

Any person who wants to help a student succeed in school is qualified to be a HOSTS mentor. Businesses and organizations are participating in the HOSTS Program by releasing employees to mentor students during their workday. Individuals, such as retirees, business persons, and other students can also give the gift of time by mentoring in the HOSTS Program.

How will volunteers know what to do?

All volunteers attend an orientation session for information and training. Volunteers follow mentor-friendly student lesson plans prepared by the teacher to ensure a successful experience for them and students.

How much time do volunteers spend mentoring during the week?

Most volunteers work one hour a week. Schedules are arranged to accommodate volunteers and to establish continuing relationships with students.

Why volunteer?

The success of our community depends on the education that young people receive today. Your commitment as a HOSTS volunteer will play a vital role in increasing student achievement and self-esteem. The benefits for students are immense. The lessons they learn from you will motivate them to be more productive students and citizens in the future.